A sculpture will imagine a beautiful statue in any rock. A painter will imagine a beautiful portrait on a blank canvas. We do imagine many dreams in our inner world. These imaginations are bundled separately as self-oriented and selfless. My family, my profession, my entertainment and mine is the orientation of self which facilitates the life. This orientation is certainly needed for our survival. On the other side, a gentle selfless effort of shedding a tear in observing pain of others, extending a gentle talk towards a pathetic situation is obviously needed for any human being. We shower mercy because we are the love generators. We pay sympathy because we are the care takers. But this divine deed of selflessness should not take a stoppage at the edge of lips. Some sort of a little help to needy may bring wonderful self-satisfaction to us.

LAASA works with this inspiration creating a loving world by observing our surroundings. It believes in the formula of love and care, love and share.

Our volunteer Mr.G.Vijay Kumar had identified a 36 year old kidney failure patient Mr.Madhu Babu at Etcherla village, Srikakulam Dist. This patient’s story is a so miserable. His father is a paralysis stroke patient and his mother who donated a kidney to him and became a patient. He himself is a patient and his wife, the one individual in the entire home to deal all these struggles and also taking care after her two children. We provided the medical assistance to this most needy family and extended our warmth of love by caring and sharing. Yes, even this help we render is quite little but it set an example that one should hold one’s hand when they are in troubles and in problems. LAASA is just a chain of such loving hearts.