Education is the dire need of current and modern society. Awareness is being developed to proper education. This is the lens to witness the world. This is the sense to understand the world. This education has now become a commercial element and it is unreachable to many because it can be attained only with money. The poor and needy children are not able to reach this ripen sweet fruits.
The governance is striven hard to provide the basic education. We the LAASA try lovingly to support the government schooling.

Today girls are the mothers of tomorrow. We should provide them good knowledge, health to make this nation strong. Having focus on this girl education, we the LAASA with the support of our volunteer Mrs. A.VSubbalakshmi have provided 100 stainless steel plates for midday meals project to Municipal Girls’ High School, Amadalavalasa.

LAASA has even focused to support the government mission of schooling. We believe in the nation and building the nation. For that, we contribute a drop of love as a mark of gratitude to this mighty ocean of India.