Life is always a magical bowl. We feel that something is there but in fact, nothing will be available. We feel the bowl is empty but can get something out of it. Life is unpredictable because it is always keep on changing.

The fate is the driver of this life chariot. The two horses are our abilities and our thoughts. Sometimes having potency of abilities and positive thoughts may not take a right destiny because of the drive lead by the fate.

We must swim against the flow of the time because we ought to live and lead even in sandy ways. The courage is the only tablet which can protect us when the fate turns upside down. Have smile on your lips they can be the bricks to build our future. Have confidence in looks they may be the hooks which can uplift you. Dare can only take care of our life. Share your sorrow with the most heartfelt friend.

Our volunteer Mr. G.Murali and RamaRao heard such sorrowful story from their friend Mr. G.AppaRao of Kalaparthi (v), Burja (m), Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam dist. He is struggling hard to lead his tiny family and unable to pay his fee towards pandit training course.

We the LAASA provide the capsules of courage when people suffer in dire and desperate need. Our help andservice are loving. We are proud to say that we have no barriers in extending a supporting hand truly with a sense of humanity that will certainly stay forever in reality.