Prayer is the uniform method of worshiping the almighty by any religion. The ways of prayer may differ but the ultimate task of this prayer is none other than reaching the god. How and why do we pray?

Certainly, the generalization of prayer holds many desires generated from our illusionary mind. It is a thought that god is present in worshiping centers, in statues and in portraits. Actually and really god is present in each creature of this entire universe. Praying with devotion will certainly lead to pray more for fulfillment of more desires but should put a note in our heart that true prayer must not implies to self-orientation desires. Praying for others is the real pray where the god will shower his infinitive grace upon who will pray and more on us for our selfless prayer.

Now let us find where god is. According to all scripts and epics on this entire world, god is present in each individual. As we are not elevating out this truth, we search here and there. As god is within us, we close our eyes and have inner focus towards the divinity within us. Let us hope that in this life we reach this supreme spiritual status and enjoy the true bliss.

Our volunteer Mr.B.Appa Rao and B.Balaji might have prayed for the benefit of some needy. That’s why we the LAASA provided medical assistance to Mrs. Suryam, a very old woman suffering from a serious gynecological problem. They also provided new clothing to 5 orphan children at DJP orphanage centre, Amadalavalasa on the occasion of Ugadi.

We the LAASA wipe out a few tears and shower the loving rain even in our little deeds. We may not conquer this world but we conquer many hearts with love.