Parents and children are a unique combination of bondage living for each other. Parents think that children are precious and children think that their parents are matchless. By and large both these parents and children are dependent on each other. Parents will take care of the children when they are so young without any expectation but just with a little desire that their children must grow and reach a glorious status.

The children are supposed to take care of their parents when they become old. But in recent times, this conviction has changed in the minds of these current generations. Many children are not bothering of their parents leaving them alone in a suffering zone. They are flying away their wives and husbands and with their kids to an untouchable destiny. What is the reason of this ethic less practice towards parents? Is that what we learnt from all of our education? Eachbondage must be truthfully and fruitfully valued. Wife, husband and kids are important. At the very same time, our parents are more important because today you are with this body-gifted by them.

As the children have left Mr.V.RamaRao and his wife at Mettakaivalasa, Amadalavalasa and went away with a selfish disease, our volunteers J.Polisetty and K.Sai Sridhar have taken up the responsibility by feeding the old poor people with the sense of father and mother under LAASA 10 day food project.

We may earn asserts but without learn, it has no meaning. What is learn? L-Earn. L stands for Love. Hence, earning love is learning. This learning gives meaning to true living. If we miss this true living, our life is ___?