We always strive hard to keep our energy levels up but this is possible when we have positive approach within ourselves. The spirit in us is not always the same and we can keep it at a higher peak level with our glorious way of thinking. By following the following 5 stars, we can really recharge and boost up our spirit on our own.

* Let us just wake up everyday morning with an intention to do the best of our life on that particular day.

* Let us not hurt anyone through our looks, speech, touch or thought.

* Let us render each deed with 100% commitment and confidence.

* Let us try to respond and not to react.

* Let us recollect, analyze, admit and set-right ourselves.

If we do implement these most essential philosophical glimpses in our life, firstly we will attain the attention of our spirit and can be able to achieve anything that we want.

The ultimate objective of one’s powerful spirit must be focused on a selfless deed which seems to be simple but it is definitely a sample for many to follow. We often listen to the suffering words and visualize the sorrowful tears in our life. Only the true energetic spirit can respond and try to render the loving support in meeting those noble tasks. Our volunteer Mrs.K.Sujata had come to know the sorrowful story of Mrs.R.Radhika living in Arasavalli village, Srikakulam Dist. who was even not able to repair the thatched hut because of their highest poverty levels. We the LAASA provided the basic need assistance to this needy family consisting of four members.

The spirit is always equal in all and the spirit is like gold. As you polish more, it will shine more. LAASA is just a polishing instrument to make people shine their spirits with values of love and service.