We will not find a house without doors, a net without holes, sky without stars, beach without sand and man without problems. In fact this problem is big problem to anyone on this globe. There may be quite changes of the severity, the level and limitation and the variety in each problem but it is similar in generating the pain which pins the human mind and causes a lot of damage to the inner peace. Before the origin of the problem, there will be an origin even to the solution but we have to find out the best possible way with a positive vision. Do not be depressed. Having faith in our ability and searching for the best solution to any problem may definitely keep us above today than what we are yesterday. Sometimes, many problems dive at once into the pool of our life and make our mind a fool to witness the worse, panic conditions.

A ray of loving support always needed where it is one of the solutions given by the good people. This is a pathetic story in which all sort of problems fell upon like wolves and a little weapon of love fight against and protect the sufferer.

We the LAASA provided food provisions under 100 day food project to Mr.A.KondalaRao, a heart patient at Gujarati Peta, Srikakulam Dist. who works earlier just for a Rs.1000 per month and now has to lead life with wife and children, with a mentally challenged brother. His domestic maintenance became a tough task and our LAASA volunteer Mr.G.Venkata Ramesh had taken up the responsibility of arranging the support provided by LAASA.

There are many people just thinking in the ocean of grief with burdens of problems. Dear reader, you can be the solution for their problem. Just think with love.