Mind – the magical element of creation of god. It remembers many things which are useful for us, it forgets some things which are boon for us, it generates intelligence, it possesses discrimination and many. The mental ability is the only unseen force which leads this body. It is the inventor, ruler and creator. If it works, we will have value of living. If it doesn’t work in a proper way, really it is a challenge of living.

Normally, to take care of two healthy kids in one family is a tough job for any home-maker. If the kids’ case is mentally challenging and unusual, we cannot imagine their struggle in the battle field of lives of the children and the parents. If such 65 mentally challenged children are together, what and how could we take care of them? This is something unimaginable and the service is unmatchable.

Sri BeharaManovikasaKendram at Srikakulam Dist. is a home giving, food, shelter and everything for 65 mentally challenged children. The conditions of these children are really pathetic. They cannot even express hunger, thirst, happiness, grief and cannot wear clothes, cannot sit properly. These challenging children are taken care by 12 working staff of this home.

LAASA foundation has noticed the drastic condition of the children and wanted to support lovingly with a humanity flavor added to the service of this home. The children are facing lot of trouble and suffering from various diseases like jaundice, typhoid, diarrhea, etc. By providing pure mineral water, we can really give these needy kids good health. With the immense support of Godavari Mineral Water Technologies Company head Mr.Chirenjeevi Rao, donors Mr.V.Jagannadham and Mr.P.Srinivas, we the LAASA have established a mineral water plant and taken up the responsibilities to maintain this plant forever in this BeharaManovikasaKendram.

Love all and serve all is a path leading us to the destinies of true bliss and contentment. We the LAASA is just a vehicle to take its valuable volunteers ahead in this path. Everything is possible when there is unity in the ideology, purity in the mentality. Our volunteers made this project a grand success. We salute them forever with love as they have made this foundation to serve the needy.