To remove the evils of egoism, service is the most efficient instrument. Service will also impress on the person doing service-the unity of all mankind. He who dedicates his time, skill and strength will never meet with defect, distress or disappointment, for service is its own reward. His word will be ever sweet and soft and his gestures ever revered and humble. He will have no foe, no fatigue and no fear.

Faith in god is the secure foundation on which hope has to be built. The faith has to be stable and strong. The feeling that god will come to our rescue has to be vivid and vital, motivating and activating all that we do or speak or think. Service rendered to others in this spirit will be a great source of joy to us as well as to the recipient.

The deeds which we possess can be bifurcated as self-oriented and selfless. We should always keep in mind that the true sweetness of the joy can be attained through selfless deeds only. The LAASA foundation is a window for that joy to be witnessed. A little sacrifice, a service oriented mind caring the needy are the qualifications to fit in this golden frame.

With these ideas in heart, our volunteer Mr.A.Jeevana Rao had identified his friend’s friendB.Chalapati who was suffering with jaundice and kidney infection at Thotada village, Polaki Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

No relative or bonded persons came forward to help this poor and young needy patient. LAASA has taken him into its arms. LAASA hug with love and serve him with best possible means.