Flowers are the beautiful riches of the garden. Stars are the twinkling monuments of the skies. Sweet words are the ornaments to the rosy lips. Pious thoughts are the passionate styles of positive minds. The real glory lies when a strong reflection of its identity is possessed. Our hands might feel proud when they feel the warmth while wiping out the tears of the needy. We must say that it is a most magnificent magical moment where our soul is thrilled with a feel of goal is achieved. A clear stream of water rolls to the down. A pure stream of loving vision always flows to the needy and plays a selfless symphony in melody of love.

Feeding the poor is one of the spectacular services. The burning bellies are fed by food where the mind cools and the body sustains. Here is such a marvelous effort of a volunteer group of LAASA who provided food to 4 needy old people at Omaravalli village, Srikakulam Dist. Volunteers Mr.P.Ganerswara Rao, Mrs.L.Bhavani, Mr.P.Pavan Kumar, Mr.Dharma Rao, Mr.Gupta, Mr.Venu Gopal are all the superb servants filling their hearts with joy through the love and service to needy Tara Yerramma(60), NilapuAppannamma(63), MamidiMugatamma (65), NagulaMugatamma(68). We the LAASA ever search the hunger bellies and fill not only food in it but also love in their hearts. We hug like our children, we treat like our parents hence, nobility is our nature and purity is our passion.