When the name is pronounced by the tongue, and the image is adored by the mind, these should not degenerate into mechanical routine; the meaning of the name and content of the form must at the same time, inspire and illumine the consciousness. Escape the routine; involve yourselves in the attitude of worship, deeply and sincerely. That is the way to earn peace and contentment, for which all human activity ought to be dedicated and directed.

Detachment, faith and love-these are the pillars on which peace rests. Of these, faith is crucial. For, without it, sadhana is an empty rite. Detachment alone can make sadhana effective and love leads quickly to god. Faith feeds the agony of separation from god; detachment-canalises it along the path of god; love lights the way. God will grant you what you need and deserve; there is no need to ask, no reason to grumble. Be content, be grateful whatever happens. Nothing can happen against his will.

God have created all beings especially human with a purpose. The purpose is very clear i.e., proving our humanity through our love for acquiring peace.

In this path, our volunteer Mr.P.Adi Narayana and team at pattikayalavalasa village, Laveru Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. provided food to two orphan children by name V.Sanyasiamma(16) and V.Saraswati(14).

There is no need of doing great things but there is desperate need of doing things in a great way. We follow this and wish many to follow.