Man is born with a heart of compassion which reacts in accordance to the feelings of fellow humans. Compassion, love, affection, and care are the innate qualities which make a human. These qualities define man. The development or suppression of these qualities entirely depends on man himself. From time to time, philosophers and religious scholars have tried to encourage people to increase these innate qualities in themselves.

Humanity is one such aspect which has been stressed upon in all parts of the world. “Service to Mankind is service to God” is the proverb highly prevalent all over the world. Humanitarianism is considered as service to human beings. The very term human denotes a charitable person. Loving and serving humans is considered of the utmost importance. Uplifting the poor by providing basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter is the only rule that finds its place in the agenda of serving people.

Besides to all these services, providing educational service is also the most deserving service in this current era. We often listen to the inspiring stories of the most deserving students who are meritoriously ahead and financially away. Our compassion and love stops at a point of verbal comfort as our wallet will not permit to move forward in rescue of these needy kids.

In extension to these noble thoughts and comfortable words, we the LAASA shape the loving service in a purposeful way of our beloved volunteersMr.K.V.Srinivas and Mr.B.Srinivas. These volunteers of LAASA noticed a brilliant girl by name Gowreeswari studying B.Tech at Visakhapatnam, AP. She is brilliantly forward and we the LAASA contribute our source of service in form of educational assistance to support this needy student.

Each moment of us we differ from the other but our heart must feel the super satisfaction which is possible only with a selfless deed. LAASA’s motive is such-we love all very much.