A divine thought which spread like a fragrance and bonded the serving hearts together with love. The inherent emotions and the nobility have manifested a beautiful structure called LAASA foundation. The motto of this Love All and Serve All organization is quite simple.

We serve the needy with the unity of contribution. As an individual, we may be or may not be able to wipe out the tears of poor and needy but as we all are together in LAASA and able to wipe out at least a few tears of needy in our surroundings.

The journey of service of our LAASA foundation has started with the first service activity rendered on 20th October, 2013. Today on 23rd May, 2015, we have completed 108 service activities.

108 activities:

Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food project) projects : 39

Medical Assistance Projects : 18

Basic Needs Assistance Projects : 23

Educational Assistance Projects : 20

Health Awareness Camps Projects : 4

Infrastructure Assistance Projects : 2

Livelihood Assistance Projects : 2

The above mentioned 108 activities were rendered only with the support of all the volunteers of our LAASA. We the LAASA salutes to the immense support and initiation that is being shown by our dedicated volunteers. We hope the same support will be provided to the foundation by our LAASA volunteers even in coming future. Let us spread the motto of “LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL”.

As a Mark of this memorable service activities our volunteers Mr Puppala Seetha Ramarao and Kishore have provided medical assistance to needy lepracy patients. They have provided 2 pairs of walking sticks to 2 poor and disabled lepracy patients and they also provided dressing material for the wounds of needy lepracy patients at srikakulam lepracy colony.