Service is the best cure for egoism; so, engage in it to relieve pain and grief to the extent that you can.If you want to eliminate your ego, you have to consider yourself a servant. More than penance, meditation; service to others is the means by which one transforms oneself. You should try to ascertain the cause of their suffering and try to remove it. Only then can you do self-less service properly.

Momentary sympathy or charity or competing with others in exhibiting one’s generosity is not true service. In rendering service, if you try to do something which is beyond your capacity, it is sign of your ego. If you give less than what you can, then you are a thief. You must be discriminating in your service. You must regard service as a spiritual effort.

Adopting these lines in his life, our volunteer Mr.S.Sambasiva Rao have rendered a matchless and selfless service activity.

Mr.G.Devendranath (42) working as a clerk in a private institute is very poor and also in great trouble. His both kidneys were damaged and leading a helpless life at Srikurmam, Garamandal, Srikakulam dist.

We the LAASA provided some assistance to his medical needs for the transplantation process of his kidney