If there is no transformation of heart, of what avail are spiritual sadhanas?Actually, transformation of man is transformation of mind. It is the transformation of the mind which makes man truly divine. Without such transformation, all spirituals are utterly useless. Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness. Even gold nuggets have to undergo the crucible and get rid of alloys. Man too must purify his instincts, impulses, passions, emotions and desires so that he can progress in good thoughts, deeds and words. The individual is valued only on the basis of the level of transformation he has attained. The purification of the heart is said to be the process of transformation. This transformation can be initiated by rendering little, little selfless deeds. The mighty task of transformation cannot be attained at on shot. The service is a real formula to witness self-transformation.

A little care towards needy, patients and orphans will surely affect our thought process and bring a true joy. Our volunteer Mr.P.V.S.Santheswararaohas tasted the true bliss by caring a poor and needy throat cancer patient G.Mallesu at Hukumpeta village, Garamandal, Srikakulam dist.

We the LAASA provided medical assistance to this most deserving patient at our level best. Without a selfless job, we cannot acquire the true happiness and cannot get true meaning for our lives. LAASA is the transforming point for any individual.