More than listening or delivering many lectures, one act of genuine service attracts the Grace of God.Instead of saying a hundred things, it is better to do one thing properly. For the person who talks a lot, there is no time for work. For the person who is engaged in work, there is no time for talk. Instead of wasting time in your words, use your time in service to mankind which is service to God, all the while repeating the name of the Lord. Few render service with love and hence few receive God’s grace. Of what avail is it to worship the lord and to suppress your fellow-being? Love for Lord must be manifested as Love for fellow-beings and Love must express itself as service.

Proving these powerful sentences, our volunteer Mrs.B.Kranthi, a simple home maker has done a service activity by giving books and bus fee to J.Johnpal, a poor and meritorious student at Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam dist.

LAASA loves action rather than words. Our deeds are only our words. Our love and service is only our speech.