You must make proper use of the body while there is life in it. Rivers flow and sacrifice water to quench your thirst. The cow yields milk and sacrifices it for all of you to drink and nurture your body. Your body too is intended for sacrifice. The body should be regarded primarily an instrument for the realization of the divine through the nine forms of devotion. Seek to serve society and fellow-beings. There is no need to worship inanimate idols, but ignore the needs of living beings around them. What kind of worship is it which ignores the needs of fellow-human beings? God comes in human form. Human beings are divine. If one has a compassionate heart, is truthful in speech, and uses his body for serving others, he needs nothing else to redeem his life.

This kind of philosophy is generated in the younger hearts of our LAASA foundation. Mr.D.Santosh Kumar and Mr.B.Gowri Shankar have rendered a fabulous service activity at Desire society, Gajuwaka, Visakhapatnam Dist.

LAASA provided uniforms to 7 HIV affected children who are taking shelter in this Desire society. These 7 kids are studying Nursery, LKG, 2nd class (2), 3rd class, 7th Class & 8thClass respectively at a local English medium school.

A bit of good job will hit the pinch of humanity will certainly reach the needy for their survival. Dear friends, let us be generous with one & only expectation i.e., “A sweet smile on suffering face”.