Without awareness of the Self, all other knowledge is useless. One may study a number of books and master various branches of knowledge, but does he/she enjoy peace and tranquility? All the knowledge that we acquire from books can only take care of our physical needs. The fact is, true knowledge is latent in everyone. People think that education confers on them respect and esteem. But, people lack true wisdom in spite of their high academic achievements. One should acquire Atmic Knowledge. That is true education. Without awareness of the Self, all other knowledge is useless. You can certainly acquire secular knowledge. But you should not rest contended with that. You should turn inward and acquire spiritual knowledge as well. Only then can you attain peace. Only spiritual knowledge can lead to immortality.

This spiritual knowledge rises in the egoless heart. To decrease the world volume of egoism, we ought to enter to selfless deeds. No matter how best we are in worldly things but bending ourselves in service of others is the cream top of all the knowledge. This sense of service tastes the true inspiration. With the thought of inspiration, we the LAASA foundation assisted for the medical treatment to a 21 years young boy M.Dhanunjaya Rao of Srikakulam who is a patient of Leukemia. He is not only poor but also needy. With the involvement of our volunteer Mr.P.SanjayKumar, we the LAASA extended our warm support to this needy young patient taking treatment at MNJInstitute of Oncology, Hyderabad.

All of us are aware of the truth that life is just like a water bubble. Let us give something leaving to this temporary life with a little sacrifice. Come on dear! Let us take tiny capitals of love and service and prove our identity of humanity.