To attain “J-O-Y”, you must put Jesus first, Others Next, You Last. This is the secret to live joyfully! If you want to succeed in life, you have to develop love of God as the most potent weapon. Man should endeavor to please God first, the world next and himself last. Give up the evil tendency to feel impatient at the prosperity of others and the desire to harm them. Be happy that others are happy. Sympathize with those who are in adversity and wish for their prosperity. That is the means of cultivating the Love for God. Man’s mind speeds fast, pursuing wrong actions. Without letting it hurry like that, remember the God’s name at the time or attempt to do some good deed or other. Those who do thus will certainly become fit for the Lord’s grace.

Our volunteer Mr.P.Narasimha Murthy has attained the above said joy, by extending real care and service to a poor old paralysis patientS.Asiranna at voppangi village, Srikakulam dist.

LAASA provided medical assistance to this most deserving patient who was not cared by the family members for their fate of poverty. His son a daily wage labor and 2 daughter kids affected of HIV. Daughter and son-in-law died of HIV. This old poor patient’s life has hugged the thorns and tasting the pains. Our foundation cordially cared and nobly shared the love with this needy family.