Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than being healthy. That is why Health is considered as great wealth by our ancestors. Most of us are fortunate enough to have good health till we acquire middle age. But some little loved ones are not blessed with health. They are the most loved tiny angels of God. If you want to make the Almighty happy, help the sick, help the needy and help the children. Just imagine how a parent feels happy when his stronger son helps the weaker. As God is our father, he surely feels proud and happy when his weak children are helped. The sick children are the most privileged group, in the eyes of God. It is our duty to give Him assurance that we are here to help them.

Our volunteer Mr. B.Sriramamurthy felt empathy, when he came across the sad plight of Kaushik. His father Venkatarao Rao is a sales man in a small readymade clothes shop in Srikakulam. Venkata Rao struggles to provide even a square meal to his family every day. Suddenly their family felt as if the sky fell down, when they heard that his dear one was suffering from an abnormal disease called Sickcell Anemia. Kaushik is advised to have dialysis for every three months, by the doctors. That small employee with a meager living is not in a position to meet the medical expenses regularly.

Laasa and Mr. Sriramamurthy decided to join hands to help that small boy. Kaushik was helped under medical assistance project and we whole heartedly congratulate Mr. B.Srirama murthy and J.Bharat Charan for their kind gesture. Let’s once again remember Bhagavan Satya Sai baba’s golden words… ‘Helping hands are better than praying lips.