‘Mother, there is lot of sufferers in the world. But your services are limited to a certain extent,’ once a journalist pointed out to Mother Theresa. She smiled and said, ‘My services may be a drop in a big ocean. But that drop has its own value’. These words amused the journalist. A big ocean is also a combination of billions of drops. Our services may be small drops. But they form the ocean of humanity. Even one needy person gets the respite with our services, LAASA purpose is served.

LAASA volunteer V.Hemalatha came across 40 years old Battula Mani, a HIV patient, who is suffering not only from a deadliest disease, but also from starvation. She along with her 70 years mother in law Laxmi lives in Eluru town in West Godavari Distict. Mani used to work as tailor. But, now she is not able to do her tailoring work due to deterioration of health. It has become very difficult to Mani and her in law even to have food for twice a day. As Mani has the deadliest disease in her body, she needs hygienic food and healthy atmosphere to live.

Our volunteer V.Hemaltha came forward to help them. She along with Laasa provided them food under its 100 day food and nutritious project to Mani. Let’s thank God for giving us another opportunity to help the needy. Long live humanity.