Code : A00138

Project : Food and Nutritious Programme

Volunteer : RuppaChinna

Need : A Heart Problem Lady with her three year old son has become helpless, as her husband deserted her.

Laasa’s Solution : Instantly provided necessary groceries

which assures them 100 days food.

Beneficiaries : M.Laxmi and her three year old son in

Voppangi, Srikakulam District.

‘Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. Take a chance to reach someone that might need a lift’, said an anonymous poet. Most of us think that we will help the needy, if we get more money. But,it is not the money that influences our charity, it is our attitude. Our attitude towards society, our attitude towards humanity and our attitude towards those disadvantaged ones, decide nobility. We might have noticed that a lay man or a daily wage labourer forgoes half of his day’s earnings for a noble cause, where as a rich sits benumbed and non responsive. It is one rupee for us, but when one thousand hands join, it will become a thousand rupees which serves the purpose of the needy. YOUR 108 rupees is helping a needy person almost every day. That thought and satisfaction will be fuel to us to reach many poor and down trodden people.

The same thought prevails in our volunteer RuppaChinna. He is not a well educated man. He runs a steel pipes company in Srikakulam town. He has been facing many troubles in his business. But, these hardships don’t stop him from being charitable. When he saw a poor woman who is almost starving, he came forward to help her. M.Laxmi (26 years old), who lives in Voppangi Village in Srikakulam District is deserted by her husband. As the breadwinner of the family leaves her in abyss, she became helpless. It has become very difficult to feed her 3 year old boy besides her poor conditions she has also a heart related health problem which is really trobling her alot. Our volunteer Mr. Chinnacame across her sad plight and moved ahead to help her. He approached Laasa to save her from starvation. As the sole aim of LAASA to help the needy, it along with Chinna provided Mrs.Laxmi the necessary groceries under the food and nutritious project. Let’s congratulate and salute Mr. Chinna for his initiative.