Code : A00146

Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food programme)

Volunteer : Mr.P.Pavan Kumar and L.Bhavani

Need : 4 very poor & old needy ladies who were unable to

fill their bellies.

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided food under 100 day food programme

Beneficiaries : Chukka Ammadamma (70), ChintaLachamma (68),

Tara Yerramma (70),NilapuAppannamma (70).

Location : Vomaravalli Village, Srikakulam Dist.

Man’s thoughts remain forever, outlasting his human existence.The world can be divinised if thoughts are divinised. It is only by fostering noble and sublime thoughts that the prosperity of the nation and world can be fostered. The evil thoughts bring disaster in course of time. Hence we should never underrate and under grade the power of thoughts. As a seed in course of time becomes a mighty tree, similarly an evil thought assumes gigantic dimensions in course of time. Unless evil thoughts are nipped in the very bud, they bring in disastrous consequences. Even a mean thought should be dealt with severely. The thoughts are so powerful and influential that they distort even our sight, speech and hearing. The way to overcome bad thoughts and impulses is by having thoughts of the Lord, good conversation with wise people, good actions and words. The weight of good acts and thoughts will bury the bad actions and bad thoughts.

We can set LAASA as an example, as a powerful good thought to create wonders and do miracles. Our volunteers are the doers of giving a shape to good thoughts that generate a human smile. As a witness to this noble mission, our volunteers Mr.P.Pavan Kumar and L.Bhavani have identified the following poor, needy and downtrodden old people at VomaravalliVillage, Srikakulam Dist. as all of them are not able to put a full meal every day because of their miserable fate.

1.Chukka Ammadamma, 70years old

2.ChintaLachamma, 68years old

3.Tara Yerramma, 70years old

4.NilapuAppannamma, 70 years old

LAASA provided them food under 100 day food project. If we cannot be the lamp, let us be a ray. A ray that comes out from a generous heart may brighten the darken way and shows the destiny to the sorrows of many needy.