Code : A00145

Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food programme)

Volunteer : Mr.B.Balaji

Need : A very poor & old needy couple who can’t work to earn.

LAASA’s Assistance : Renewal of 100 day food programme

Beneficiaries : Mr.V.RamaRao (65) and Mrs.Suryam (58)

Location : Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam Dist.

The Vedas say, YadBhavam, Tat Bhavathi- As you think, so you become. When you constantly think of others’ faults, that bad enters you. How? When you have a camera in your hand, which ever direction you turn and click, that is the picture you will capture. Your body is like a camera. Your vision is the lens, your heart is the film and your thoughts form the scene. Your intellect is the shutter. With your intellect, absorb only those impressions into your heart, which are spiritual. If you think bad, it imprints on your heart. So do not encourage bad thoughts. Immerse your mind in good thoughts and world will be good; soak it in bad thoughts and the world appears to be filled with evil.

The process of having good thoughts can be noticed and improved when there is an urge in our heart to do good to others. A selfless help to a helpless needy might be the king of all good deeds. Yes! Dear reader, you can create a new golden world with a golden thought. With a thought of this kind, our volunteer Mr.B.Balaji has identified a very needy old couple Mr.V.RamaRao (65) and Mrs.Suryam (58) at Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam Dist. These poor old birds are poor and health less. They have a desperate need for food as they can’t work and can’t earn.

The 100 day food project of LAASA is equivalent to 100 mothers feeding the most burning bellies with hungriness. A hand full of food in the arms of a needy person is the real blessing hand to any donor or to any volunteer. We the volunteers of LAASA seek such blessings every time when we provide food to the mouths of poor and needy.