The pure love

Activity code : A000152

Project : Food and nutrition (Including 100 day food program)

Volunteers : P.Seetharamulu

Need : A poor, old lady who was unable to manage herself as she lost her


LAASA’s assistance : Renewal of providing food under 100 day food provision.

Beneficiaries : V.Sanyasiamma

Location : Chipurupalli village, Vizianagaram Dist.

Practical knowledge is jnana or wisdom. It is not textual information. It is experience which is important and not bookish or scriptural knowledge. The Gita refers to three specific steps in spirituality-jnatum (knowledge), drastum (sight) and pravestum (experience). Suppose you want to eat a delicious item, what do you do first? For example, you know about the delicacies. Then in the next step, these items are to be served in a plate. It is not enough if you know (jnatum) the items and see them (drastum). You have to eat and enjoy the dishes (pravestum) and experience. Mere information and knowledge are useless. You should practice and realize. This is wisdom and when you attain it, you find yourself immersed in bliss. We all have the information and knowledge about love and service. But we cannot experience through taste without implementing these in our life. The Gita, the Bible and Quran any text for that matters reveal by saying spiritual values of love all ad serve all.

Here our volunteer Mr.P.Seetharamulu experienced the true joy by showing a poor old lady V.Sanyasiamma at Chipurupalli village, Vizianagaram Dist. We the LAASA provided food provision under 100 day food project to this deserving old woman. The real sense of love can be possessed only through selfless service. Any line of any sacred text defines only this. LAASA is not only serving but also giving meaning to the pure love