To shine or to be fine

Code : A00151

Project : Medical Assistance

Volunteers : Ganti SuryaRao

Need : A poor and needy patient who met with an accident and his jaw


LAASA’s assistance : Provided

Beneficiaries : K.Suribabu

Location : Thota Veedhi, Gujarati Peta, Srikakulam

Trying to amass wealth and being over-smart will only lead you to danger. When the individuals who are accustomed to the righteous path take to the wrong path, then everything that comes one’s way is also distorted and crooked. You have to divert your mind from such a situation and follow the noble path so that you do not cause harm to others nor do you suffer in the process. It is enough if we follow the path of the truth, because truth is the basis of everything. You can attain everything when you follow values that originate from your heart. Following the inner voice is true spirituality. The inner voice always posses towards a betterment and greater destiny. The inner sense feels contentment when the thought, word and deed are sanctified in the human service. The truth is ultimate, unique and permanent. The truth is that this body is temporary and the love which we shower is permanent. Let us imbibe in the true spirituality just by following love and service.

Following these valuable steps, we the LAASA has provided medical assistance to poor needy young patient K.Suribabu through our volunteer Mr.G.Suryarao at Thota Veedhi, Srikakulam. He met with an accident and a major injury occurred to his jaw. He is mentally disturbed and his 75 years mother k.Annapurnamma is the only care taker to this needy person.

To shine or to be fine, we must refine our thought and spread the essence of love in a tumbler of service. LAASA desires this and manifests bliss.