A supporting arm

Activity code : A000158

Project : Food and nutrition (Including 100 day food project)

Volunteers : V.VisweswaraRao and P.V.S.SantheswaraRao

Need : A poor, young patient who lost his two arms due to electric shock.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided food under 100 day food project.

Beneficiaries : M.Srirama Murthy

Location : Arangipeta village, Gara mandal, Srikakulam Dist.

When the weapons of bad qualities are with you, wherever you may be, these will always prompt only bad feelings and thoughts. Fill your heart with the good qualities and values. Wherever you may be, you must remain a paragon of good virtues. You must indulge only in good actions and tread only the right path. These are the important qualities of man. You must cultivate tolerance and develop selfless love. These two are the essence of human life. Our life will have a prompt definition when the true sense of humanity is being followed by the human. Good action will tell the world the status of thought in our heart.

With a touch of love and compassion, our volunteers Mr.V.VisweswaraRao and P.V.S.SantheswaraRao have done a good service at Arangipeta village, Gara mandal, Srikakulam Dist. Many lips utter sympathetic words but this merely cannot fill a burning belly. Comfort can be given to the most pathetic heart with a touch of love and service.

Mr.M.Srirama Murthy, a young boy age of 22 who earlier worked as a helper to an electric line man met with an electric shock and his both arms were amputated in this calamity. He is even struggling hard for food. LAASA provided food provision under 100 day food project to this needy and deserving physically challenged patient. We may not be able to provide arms back to him but LAASA will be always a supporting arm to uplift the needy from the sea of grief