Reflection of selfless love

Activity code : A000159

Project : Basic Needs Assistance

Volunteers : .ThrinadhaRao, K.Simhachalam and V.Nagaraju

Need : Two poor and old needy ladies.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided basic needs-blankets, rice and food provision.

Beneficiaries : M.Kannamma(63) and Narayanamma(80)

Location : Srikakulam

In ancient days, there was immense mutual love and regard between the rulers and the people. Today such relations do not exist. The people are wasting their lives in selfish pursuits. The rulers are also occupied with their own selfish ambitions and desires and are concerned only about achieving or retaining power and position. Selfishness has grown extensively both among rulers and the public. Unless this process is reversed, man cannot find peace. When the individual is good, the family is good. When families are good, the society is reformed. When society improves, the nation improves. Hence, the transformation must begin with the individual. How can this transformation be brought about? There are two impurities in man which have to be cast out: Selfishness and Conceit. That is enough. Pure qualities like love, forbearance and compassion have to be imbibed.

With these beautiful qualities, our volunteers Mr.K.ThrinadhaRao, K.Simhachalam and V.Nagaraju have distributed blankets, rice and food provisions to two needy, old women M.Kannamma(63) and Narayanamma(80) at Srikakulam on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Our volunteers are the reflection of selfless love that produces peace and harmony with the essence of humanity. LAASA’s path is selfless and love is the goal.