The sweet fragrance

Activity code : A000160

Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitalization Aid)

Volunteers : V.SampathKumar and D.KesavRao

Need : A poor leukemia patient.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided medical assistance for treatment.

Beneficiaries : M.DhanunjayaRao

Location : MNJ institute of oncology, Hyderabad.

Sow a thought, reap an action. Don’t allow the body to follow the thought. At the same time, when you get a good thought, there are many reasons where we hesitate to translate into action. When you get a good thought, immediately put it into action. Today what you have to do is to promote good thoughts. Action proceeds from thoughts. Sadhana (spiritual practice) is based on action. Character is the outcome of the sadhana. Character determines your praapthi (what you are destined to get). Also, if desire comes, analyze it. If it is good for you and not harmful to others, go ahead. If not good, put it aside, at once. If you are uncertain, do nothing until the uncertainty is clarified. Man attains happiness or misery based on the actions he performs. So, he should perform righteous actions. Righteous actions are the only things which remain even after our physical life. These righteous actions can be experienced just by doing a selfless human service.

With this motto, our volunteer Mr.V.SampathKumar and D.KesavRao have urged for a little help to a poor and young leukemia patient Mr.M.DhanunjayaRao at Srikakulam. This young boy is taking treatment at MNJ institute of oncology, Hyderabad. LAASA provided medical assistance to his further treatment.

LAASA always admires to reach the crying heart trying to provide comfort to the sufferers. Only the good which we do will be the sweet fragrance that is love to the flower of human heart.