Good intention-Sankalpa

Activity code : A000162

Project : Educational Assistance

Volunteers : G.JanardhanaRao, K.V.Srinivas and B.Srinivas

Need : A poor and intelligent student.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided educational Assistance by paying college fee.

Beneficiaries : P.Goureeswari

Location : Srikakulam

Dedicate all your physical possessions, mental skills, to the service of the Lord and to the Lord’s many manifestations. Even if you cannot perform any other kind of worship, service will help to sanctify your life. Service to man is service to God. Whoever comes seeking service is the one you must attend to at that time. If we do not recognize the divinity in living beings, how can we recognize it in lifeless photos and stones? We must first understand what is meant by seeing divinity in everyone.

If we cultivate the habit of understanding, the sorrow in one’s heart and respond positively with love, will uplift the status of our soul. Yes! DO GOOD. If you want to do good, first be good. With this good attitude our volunteers Mr.G.JanardhanaRao, K.V.Srinivas and B.Srinivas have identified a poor and meritorious Miss.P.Goureeswari at Srikakulam who is studying B.Tech at Visakhapatnam. LAASA provided educational assistance and supported this clever girl.

If we have a good intention (sankalpa), nothing can stop us. LAASA is the prime example to this true statement