Sacrifice is the only way

Activity code : A00163

Project : Food and nutrition (Including 100 day food project)

Volunteers : B.Murali Krishna, G.Suryarao and P.Narasimha Murthy

Need : A poor and old homeless woman.

LAASA’s assistance :provided food provision under 100 day food project.

Beneficiaries : N.Ammanna

Location : Sanivada village, Srikakulam Dist.

It is only through thyaga(sacrifice) that one attains oneness with Divinity. But immersed in selfishness, man fails to recognize Truth. The Vedas have taught the means to make life in the world pure and meaningful. A Thyagi does not hesitate even to sacrifice his body for other’s welfare. Sacrifice means something more than giving up of wealth, gold and material objects. Evil qualities like jealousy, wrath and malice should be discarded. Through sacrifice there is purity of mind and hear. By purity, Divinity is realized. Use the world as a training ground for sacrifice, service, and expansion of heart and cleansing of the emotions. That is the only value it has.

With this value of sacrifice, LAASA provided food under 100 day food project to N.Ammanna, a 75 year poor, old homeless woman at Sanivada village, Srikakulam Dist. Our volunteers B.Murali Krishna, G.Suryarao and P.Narasimha Murthy have experienced the value of sacrifice and service by participating in the activity. Sacrifice is the only way to reach true happiness