Melody of humanity

Activity code : A000161

Project : Food and nutrition (Including 100 day food program)

Volunteers : I.Murali Krishna

Need : A poor and old needy lady.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided food under 100 day food project.

Beneficiaries : K.Asiramma

Location : Ponnada village, Srikakulam Dist.

No room should be given to self-conceit which is an incurable disease. Because of their conceit even the great ones are made to be born as demons. Pride raises its head in every stage and state. Like grass which covers the earth with a green carpet, as soon as the rains fall even in places which appeared dry waste before, pride thrives upon opportunity. Give up pride of status, wealth, scholarship, and position; and practice humility, obedience, discipline and compassion.

Compassion is the true phenomenon for a kind heart. With this compassionate thought, our volunteer Mr.I.Murali Krishna had identified K.Asiramma aged 85, a poor and old lady living at Ponnada village, Srikakulam Dist. Her life is a burning bowl with hunger. LAASA has filled her belly for 100 days under food project program.

Let life be continued on the tracks of love and compassion. Let thoughts will take form of good action. Let our life be beautiful with the marvelous melody of humanity