Love flashes upon

Activity code : A00165

Project : Medical Assistance (Medicines & Hospitalization Aid)

Volunteers : Alahari Nayana Vaishnavi

Need : A poor and young needy hospitalized girl.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided medical asiistance.

Beneficiaries : Ch.Sai Kishan

Location : Kandukur, Prakasam Dist.

Oneness between the Prakrithi(matter) and Purusha(God) will be evident only when there is an amalgamation of two in the thoughts. You cannot see non-dualism in them so long as you feel they are distinct. In our mind, we should be able to join them together. What is the reason for the incapacity to realize the Divinity within? It is because we cannot realize the soiled cover in which it is wrapped up. If our clothes get dirty, we change them. But when our minds and hearts are polluted, we are not concerned about their purity which affects our entire life? To purify them, the first thing to do is to lead a righteous life. All actions must be based on morality. The pure heart is the best mirror for the reflection of the Love. All the spiritual practices are for purification of the heart. As soon as it is pure, the love flashes upon in a minute. Purification of heart is not a program but it is a process. In this way of process, many stages were included. The first stage is to be good and the next is to do good. We must adopt at least a valuable principle where our heart must thoroughly follow. This may be a little help to someone without any expectation.

LAASA is built on these parameters to bring significant transformation among common man. As a continuation, we the foundation have provided medical assistance to Alahari Nayana Vaishnavi, a needy young patient studying B.Tech at Kandukur, Prakasam Dist. She lost her father when she was just 5. Her mother is the only care taker. She was hospitalized when the poor mother was not able to pay the bill even to the blood transfusion. Our volunteer Mr.Ch.Sai Kishan had taken an initiation in this noble work.

Bringing the thought to the form of action is not an easy task. It needs determination, dedication and devotion towards the deed we perform. Any service must be performed with these 3 D’s