Divine service

Code : A000173

Project : Infrastructure Assistance

Volunteers : Yalla Jagadish

Need : 50 blind children

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided assistance to purchase a desktop.

Beneficiaries : SaiNethra foundation

Location : Chandanagar, Hyderabad.

You can attain Liberation, even while performing worldly duties, if your mind remains immersed in divinity. You will then be working in consonance with God. However we fail to understand and implement the inner meaning of these practices. If we do not recognize the divinity in living beings, how can we recognize it in lifeless photographs? How should devotion to God express itself? People make a distinction between personal duties and service to God. They look upon worship, meditation, etc. as divine service and what they do for friends and families as personal duties. This kind of division amounts to practicing a deception on God. God is omnipresent and subsumes all things.

This is the philosophy of our LAASA. As a continuation to this talk, we do good deeds through our volunteers. LAASA provided assistance to purchase a desktop which is useful for 50 blind children of Sainethra foundation at Chandanagar, Hyderabad. Our volunteer Mr.Yalla Jagadish has rendered this noble deed.

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We match everything. Let us match our potentiality to the good deeds we do.