The unconditional love

Code : A000174

Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food project)

Volunteers : I.Sateesh Kumar and team

Need : A needy poor mother and daughter.

LAASA’s Assistance : Provided food provisions under 100 day food program.

Beneficiaries : Patnala Styavati(90), Patnala Ganga(65).

Location : K.Kotapadu village, Visakhapatnam dist.

A person fixed in detachment and self-control will never say ‘dehi’ and can never reply the naasthi, for he is ever content, ever full. You should so regulate your life that these two words are not used by you, while you live. Practice detachment, little by little, day by day. Spiritual path is the path of detachment, of sense control, of rigorous mind training. Carry on your legitimate duties, discharge your obligation, but do not allow attachment to grow. The wise man performs the duties given to him with discrimination, diligence and detachment. Play the role, but keep your identity unaffected. Remain detached, unaffected by the aimlessly rushing world. Penance does not mean giving up hearth and home and retiring to a forest. It means giving up all bad qualities and striving to for God’s grace with faith, love and detachment.

In order to have detachment, we have to attach our hearts to the unconditional love and selfless service. As a mark to this statement, we the LAASA through our volunteer I.Sateesh Kumar and team provided food provision under 100 day food project to Patnala Satyavati (mother) aged 90, Patnala Ganga (daughter) aged 65 a needy poor family at K.Kotapadu village, Visakhapatnam dist. The walk on the path of LAASA is not only the style of serving, but also following the spiritual values.