Sharing sweet love.






Basic Needs Assistance



Potnuru Ganeswararao



8 poor and needy people

LAASA’s Solution


Distributed new clothes



8 poor and needy persons



Vamaravilli Village, Kalingapatnam, Srikakualam Dist.

Seva(selfless service) can be identified by means of two basic characteristics: compassion and willingness to sacrifice. There are many who come forward when there is a call for social service, but most of them crave publicity seeking the camera whenever they help others and very disappointed when they are not mentioned in newspapers. Such persons push themselves forward and climb into positions of authority, just to parade their importance before the public. They forget that service is worship, that each act of service is a flower placed at the feet of the Lord and that, if the act is tainted with ego, it is as if the flower is infested with slimy insect pests. Who will contaminate the Feet with such foul offering? Have no egoism while you serve the people of your district. Be guides in their spiritual struggle. Nourish faith in God. Trees that grow by the side of canals will flourish thick with foliage and fruits. So too Organisation will flourish when faith in the Divine feeds the roots. Emphasise simplicity and sincerity more than pomp and show. Make the mind the shrine.

LAASA is the true symbol of above lines. Our volunteer is the brush who paint loving heart on the canvas of this pure world. With such divine thought, we the LAASA distributed new clothes to 8 beneficiaries of 100 day food project through our volunteers Mr.P.Ganeswararao at Vamaravilli, Kalingapatnam, Srikakulam. On the occasion of Makara Sankranthi.

Festival means not sharing sweets but sharing sweet love. Care means not just holding but hold to them with a golden thought. We the LAASA live in love, live for love, and live with love. Let us love all and serve all.