Like a true bonded relative






Food &Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)



Ganti Suryarao



2 poor and needy women

LAASA’s Solution


Provided food under 100 day Food Programme



Karri Visalakshi(80) and Karri Rajyalakshmi(35)



Housing Board Colony, Srikakulam

Two attainments mark out the volunteer—absence of conceit and presence of love. Service to those needing help makes you the comrade of all, irrespective of other considerations. Be looking all around you, all the time, even beyond the horizon of your allotted tasks for any extra chance to serve. An old man may be stranded in the hot sun. A paralytic may be casting his eyes for a chair. A child may be wailing for its parent. A mother may be clamouring for water to slake her thirst. Watch for these and run towards them with a smile and a word of cheer. It may be that someone has swooned or fainted. Get the doctor or take the patient to the dispensary, with loving care and with gentle alacrity, instilling courage and confidence. Let them go back to their places and say that not even their nearest kin could have dealt with that situation as lovingly and as intelligently as you did. Have compassion, love, readiness to sacrifice personal comforts and patience. Then you can be a successful volunteer.

Our volunteer Mr.G.SuryaRao is such a successful person in identifying the needs of sorrowful people. He noticed K.Visalakshi aged 80 and K.Rajyalakshmi aged 35 at HB Colony, Srikakulam. These supportless women, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law struggling hard and stretching arms even for little food.

We the LAASA provided food provisions under 100 day food project like a true bonded relative. We serve them not only food but also our love in form of love and care. Let us run to catch the love. Let us serve the love which we caught. Let us get the joy as a token of our sacrifice. We the LAASA possess and progress in this splendid path.