A bit of love and compassion






Food &Nutrition (Including 100 Day Food Programme)



Pitta Seetharamulu



A poor and old lady

LAASA’s Solution


Provided food under 100 day food programme






Chipurupalli village, Vijayanagaram Dist.

In the path of service that you have chosen, there should be no bumps of doubt or jumps of deviation. Move on steadily and bravely, with your eyes fixed on the goal, the grace of the Lord. Be intent on the development of the human mind, not the monkey mind. Do not hop about from decision to indecision, from acceptance to denial. Be alert and inspired as humans, not dull and fitful as beasts. Above all, cultivate love; express love; move among people with love; let love be your very breath.

Our volunteer Mr.P.Seetharamulu has raised his soul by rendering a beautiful tip of service at Chiprupalli village, Vijayanagaram Dist. LAASA provided food provisions to V.Sanyasiamma(60) W/O (late) Appalaswami. Her one and only daughter who was married used to support her family maintenance. But recently her son-in-law died. Now-a-days her daughter was also not able to maintain her family. So now Sanyasiamma not able to maintain her family.

Nobody is an orphan if everybody thinks that everybody is our relative. No one will suffer if every member can shower a bit of love and compassion. This is the faith of LAASA which takes its deeper roots not just in society but in hearts of kind people.