Activity code A000210

Project medical assistance ‘s project

Volunteer jamiramcharan&c.jrao

Need support for a needy leg amputation patient

LAASA’S support provided assistances for aumptation surgery of this disering patient

Beneficiaries Ippillichandravathi

Location palasa , Srikakulam district

Every human being will have certain emotions and response. Our heart is a bundle of thoughts and views our eyes are the words are our deeds will respond according to the emotional touch of such heart some words of sympathy and tears full of compassion really move joy you status towards a selfless act all human biengs cannot put their good emotions into practice, the reasons may be many but responding to heart touching situation is rather needed in this human life.

This is not a story or volunteers mr.jramcharan&c.jrao have notice a most desireing patient Ippilichandravathi at palasa this particular patient condition is pitiable that her leg was totally infected and amputated. Her husband was drunked and so irresponsible. She has no children hence laasa raised our support has a child who could wipe out tears of sorrow full method .

The medical assistance provided by laasa may be less but the amount of love and care we shower will denefitely make a permanent note in the bottom of heart of this needy women dear readers allow your tears to take the form of actions allow your words to take the form of self less deeds lets us be pratical rather emotional . Emotional is the under current for the lights of the service which glow and certainly love will flow .