GOAL :- GO (we go), A (AFTER), L(LOVE)

Activity code A000211

Project Medical Assistance project

Volunteer p. vijaykumar

Need for breast cancer treatment

LAASA’s Support: provided support forKemontherophy

Beneficiaries T.Lakshmi( a poor old breast cancer patient)

Location Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam

One should have a goal in one’s life each step and each movement of us will take a head to reach a destiny. The personal or a professionally goals can give us the status and the stage of physical joy but to expression the contemt one should denefitely have a ethical objective . This needs the maurtiuty of emotions merely the physical education will not provide awareness over the border sense the brought up, the partenting the outlook of a inner soul denefitely place a greater role in keeping ourselves above to this wordly things yes… we must be the master to our mind we must be slave to our goodness we must be the student to the conscious we must be the lover to our kindness we must be the enemy to our illusions the whole world is their within you. What that you could visualtion in this outer world is just the reflection of your inner sense. Be kind otherwise be will be emotionally blind if we have a touch sensibility our kindness fountains up and spreads over the sorrow full hearts.

Our volunteer mr.pvijaykumar has raised a applie for a medical assistance support to T.LAKSHMI (poor old breast cancer patient) at gujarathipeta , Srikakulam. She was suffering alot has her elder daughter was working has daily wage worker and her younger daughter was a mental challenged person the tinroofed small house is not only hot by it’s nature but all their lifes are also very hot with this panic situations the treatment for her cancer needs money but their sources are almost nill to fill their needs .

We the laasa gently touched with a warm supportive hand and provided medical assistance to this desiring patient infact, laasa has a goal –go we go, a – after , l- love . we go after love.