Give you health and happiness

Activity code A000216

Project medical assistance

Volunteer yvramanamma

Beneficiaries p. sriramulu (neurological disorder patient)

need treatment for neurological problem

laasa’s support provided medical assistance for the treatment

location kallepalli Srikakulam.

Let the day dawn for you and others with the thought of the almighty, the compassionate, the omnipresent, all-knowing God. What greater service can you do for yourself and others? This will give you health and happiness.If some kind of hurt or harm is caused to others, we should make an attempt to help them by doing some service. It is not only by work and by keeping our surroundings clean that you can do service. You can do service by your words as well. With a good word, you can soothe their hearts and by doing good deeds you can soothe their minds. Therefore, by using good words and doing good work, you will give comfort to others and this is good service.

To lend that good service, our volunteer Yvramanamma came forward to extend the support of laasa to neurological disorder suffering patient p.sriramulu at kallepalli Srikakulam. This particular is not having proper support to go to a doctor and to have a treatment we the laasa provided the medical assistance in favour of this needy patient. We love to do good we do good for love hence, doing good and loving both are our heads and tails of our service coin.