Activity A000215

Volunteer K.Trinadharao

Benfeicaries B.suramma,M.narayanamma, vandana

Project food and nutrition

Need Because ofprovety unable to have proper food

Laasa’s support provided food and blankets to three needy families

Location Lingala valasa, venkatapuram, srikakulam

Our true nature is pure love. This love expresses itself spontaneously and without any external promptings as selfless service. In selfless service, there is recognition of oneness between the one serving and the one being served. This, then, leads us to realise the truth that the God in us is serving the God in others. Great people often tell that selfless service is the most important spiritual discipline for a devotee and the direct path to Self-realisation. selfless service as a spiritual discipline. It includes quotes that tell us that selfless service is the main purpose in our life. Serving and helping others is the highest form of worship.

With the above divine flavour our volunteer Mr.k.trinadharao identified three needy people B. suramma, M. narayanamma, vandana at Lingala valsa, Srikakulam. Who are dragging their lives on the dusty path ;of struggling poverty the earning of food is high to ask for these poor people and trumbling not only with the cold, but with the difficulties they face.

We the laasa provided blankets and food as a definition to the selfless service . our actions are tokens for the golden time to come . our intension is to facilitate the poorest of the poor and to provide basic aminets to the down throden and needy sections of this society.