As possible as we can

Activity code A000227

Project medical assistance (medicine & hospilitization aid)

Volunteers G.Suryarao, p.narasimhamurthy

Need in great need for medicine and treatment

Beneficiaries D.chandra shekhar rao, ( a poor and needy dialysis patient)

Lassa’s support provided medical assistance

Location bondilipuram, srikakulam.

Do not allow the desire for ostentation to en­ter the mind. Do not allow egoism to approach you. Be humble and be loyal to high ideals. Then only can you serve the cause of world peace and prosperity.

The mentioned volunteers are the direct examples of values who adapt the above valuable lines in their lives g.suryarao, p.narasimhamurthy helped to d.chandra shekhar rao, ( a poor and needy dialysis patient) at bondilipuram, srikakulam.

This particular patient in great need for food and medicine we the laasa supported as possible. Loving is our passion and serving is our mission.