We bless with our hands

Activity code A000229

Project food and nutritution

Volunteer s.jagadamba

Need need of nutritution food as they are suffering from hiv

Beneficiaries 12 hiv patients

Laasa’s support provided nutrituion food

Location Visakhapatnam

The fulfilment of human life consists in the service that the human being renders, without any thought of return, in an attitude of selfless­ness. Service rendered in this spirit sheds light in the dark interior of a person. It widens the heart. It purifies the impulses and confers lasting ānanda (bliss).

With these human values blossing our volunteer ms.jagadamba came forward to extend the support given by laasa to 12 hiv patients. Who are in a great need for nutritution food at Visakhapatnam.

We the laasa provided nutritution food to these deserving patients. The samp of human lifes are not in our hands but the love compassion and care is only in our hands. That’s why we bless with our hands