Service the needy

Activity code A000231

Project food & nutritution (100 day food programme)

Volunteer M.ramappadu

Need this family is in great need for food

Beneficiaries M.ammanna, Latchmma, Balu and Manoj

Laasa’s support provided food provisions

Location voppangi, srikakulam

When the heart is soaked in love, it cannot be contaminated by ego­ism and its evil consequences. Just as you crave for physical health, which means health for the limbs of the body, you should strive for the health of humanity, which means peace and joy for all sections, in all nations. If you dwell in that wider outlook, you will start feeling less and less for your own troubles and worrying more and more for troubles of others. That is the initial offering of yourself in the great “yagna” (sacrifice) called “living”.

With the words in his heart our volunteer mr. m. ramappadu & neela mohan rao have extended laasa support to a deserving family at voppangi, srikakulam. These family members are m.ammanna, latchmma, balu and manoj are passing their hardest of times as the gaining of food of food grains have become a heavenily task.

We the laasa always stand in support to this kind of persons who are in need. if we talk with love we can identify the problems of needy. If we walk with love we will have the opportunity to service the needy.