Our Search will never end

Activity code A000234

Project basic need assistances

Volunteer Gupta .kvsn

Need as all their belongings were brunt need of a cot and a shelling fan

Beneficiaries M.laxmana rao, M.laxmi and their 2 children ( a poor fisherman)

Laasa’s support provided basic needs

Location kalingapatnam, srikakulam, ap.

By rendering service to society, not only can you alleviate the sufferings of the people, but you can also bring about transformation in their lives. Yad bhāvaṃ tad bhavati (As is the feeling, so is the result). If you serve with sacred feelings, it is bound to yield sacred results. Serve society to your utmost capacity.

Laasa is serving the society only with the strength of its dedicated volunteers . our volunteer mr.gupta kvsn has noticed andextended the support of laasa by providing a folding cot and a shelling fan which are basic needs to a needy fisherman family m. laxmana rao, m. laxmi and their two children who lost everything in a fire accident their hut at kalingapatnam, srikakulam.

The grey ash smoked sorrowfully and filled the darkness in the lives of this needy fisherman family he used to go on sea and hunt fish with his net but the time raised its weapon of fire and caught this family with a unfortunate net as a brotherlyhood we are their to support and we are their to support with love and care. Our search will never end and our reach will always will have it’s win.