We always serve

Activity code A000233

Project medical assistance (medicines & hospilitization aid)

Volunteer V.hemalatha

Need in great need for treatment of hiv and related disease

Beneficiaries B.mani ( a poor and deserving hiv patient)

Laasa’s support provided medical assistance for the treatment of deadly disease

Location Eluru, west Godavari, ap.

The world has to be brought back to the rails. Only Love and Peace can achieve this. Fill your thoughts, speech and actions with Love, Truth and Peace and engage yourselves in service ac­tions.

The service you render will become meaningful that names and forms of individuals may be different but the principle of the Atma that exists in all of them is one and the same .

with the true of the beautiful lines our volunteer miss v.hemalatha has extend laasa support to a deserving hiv patient b.mani in form of medical assistance for treatment to her disease at eluru wst Godavari, ap. This patient dragging her life with her mother-in-law had been a tailor and now the deadly disease decreased her energy the fight inside her body is fading out the hope of life.

We the laasa are not sure about her life but we take part in her each tear and we be with her when she feels fear the service is not a single way traffic this gives the statisfication to the provider and the support oriented care love and joy hence laasa is for love and we always serve