Make this world pure

Activity code A000235

Project medical assistance(medicines & hospitalization aid)

Volunteer T.chalapathi rao

Need in great need for the treatment of infection of intenstion

Beneficiaries T.chinnarao (intestine infective patient)

Laasa’s support for medical assistance

Location Gangaram village, kothabommali mandal, srikakulam dist.

Service is not only about helping others. The goal of selfless service is also to bring about our own spiritual transformation. Selfless service gives us an opportunity to sublimate our minds and sacrifice our ego. utilise all our knowledge, skills and resources for the welfare of others.

They may be many resources with the people, all of them can be fruitfully utilized when a person holds a selfless attitude, cultivating this attitude is not that much easy it requires discrimination and a determined divine thought.

With this divine thought in this heart our volunteer mr.t,chalapathi rrao, extended laasa medical assistance to the most deserving patient t.chinnarao, who is greatly suffering from an infection to his intenstion this patient belongs to gangaram village, kothabommali mandal, srikakulam.

There is huge infection to this society the infection is nothing but the haterness and jealous and selfishness . the one and only treatment that we must render is a theorpahy with care it is the love theorpahy which can cure and make this world pure. Lassa is one of such divine doctor to render health service to this infective world