March with idealogy

Activity code A000237

Project food & nutritution (100 day food programme)

Volunteer B.kumar swamy

Need in need of food provisions

Beneficiaries Y. suryadamma(age 75) and her daughter ramanna ( a very poor daily wage labour)

Laasa’s support provided food provisions and blanket

Location Turayi chettu street, srikakulam, ap.

When you stepped into this world, you did not bring anything with you; nor can you take anything with you when you leave. No benefit accrues to you from having palatial buildings and huge bank balances if you cannot use them for the service of the society. Spend your money for the welfare of society. Only then you can win divine grace. Serve the needy by providing com­forts and conveniences.

Diseting this words utterly valuabe with words our volunteer mr. b. kumar swamy extended the support of laasa y.suryadamma,(age 75) and her daughter ramanna ( a very poor daily labour ) at turayi chettu street, srikakulam. This poor mother and daughter are in great need of food. So pitty that there are so many lives carrying under th hot sun holding their belly with one hand, and stretching another hand, just for few gains the growth of the nation cannot be measured with the properties of people. We must adapt the quality of serving the needy at any point of level.

We the laasa march with this idealogy and support the needy as much as we can