Activity code A000238

Project food & nutrition (100 day food programme)

Volunteers B.bindu madhavi & team

Need not able to get food even

Beneficiaries Y.Kanthamma ( a poor old orphan woman)

Laasa’s support provided food provisions and blankets

Location Turayi chettu street, srikakulam, ap.

The service that you render must reward you, not only with your satisfaction, but with the satisfaction and relief of those whom you serve. Service the term starts with s term satisfication, e for emotional support , r for real understanding, v for virtuas deed, I for important in life, c for character base, e for ends with joy.

By expressing this definition with her heart our volunteer b.bindhu madhavi the love and care of laasa to a poor orphan women y. kanthamma at turayi chettu ,srikakulam. We the laasa feed many deserving people under the umbrella of 100 day food project. But the hunger of service is still there with an urge to serve more great onpart of volunteers w with who blessed this society with there charity. Who loved the needy with their humanity, who cared the deserving with their divinity. Laasa is a canvas to color many lives with love and compassion